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Friday, April 19, 2019

Chambéry Sisters Make a Day-Long Pilgrimage

They came with lunch bags in their purses and containers of food in large sacks. Eighteen Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambéry had traveled four hours to reach Le Puy for a day-long pilgrimage to their foundations here. Some of them had traveled from much further: Brazil, India, and Mozambique.

Picnic Lunch
It was a gorgeous spring day and the sisters took advantage of eating their lunches outside while others chose to eat inside the Centre.



After lunch, the sisters went to the Kitchen where they learned a bit more about the lives of the founding sisters and took some time to pray with them.

They also visited the Living History Centre to learn more about the historical context of the Congregation and its evolution to today. 

The sisters walked through the heart of the city of Le Puy and stopped at the Tree of Martyrs where three Sisters of St. Joseph lost their lives at the guillotine during the French Revolution.

They also visited the Eglise du College where Father Medaille preached. They prayed some prepared prayers in the pews and at the altar and filled the church with song.

 The pulpit, located in the middle of the church, where Father Medaille once preached.

The sisters visited Martine's lace shop and witnessed how lace is made by hand.

Of course, the sisters had time for some ice cream. They stopped at a new shop in town, which is across the street from the lace shop.


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